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Protective Intelligence Course (English)

Security Intelligence Course Objective

The post-HBO course's objective is to instruct you in the Security Intelligence methods. You are taught to effectively utilize the information that you or your organisation already has and to actively identify and acquire the additional information that you require (often available in open sources).

Security Intelligence also enables you to articulate expectancies of the development of current and new threats by applying middle- and long term threat analyses and the newest intelligence analysis techniques for use at the strategic level of your organisation.

These threat analyses and reports grant an organisation's management insight and clarity into current threats and how they are likely to develop in time, allowing for better decision making with regards to the application of (counter-) measures.

Upon completing the course you are able to conduct threat analyses for your organisation in a structured and transparent process by applying proven techniques. The knowledge gained through your analyses and reports allow your organisation to more effectively organise its security processes.

Security Intelligence makes intelligence and analyses processes transparent through proven methods

The Security Intelligence Course is offered to you in exclusive partnership with the following partners:

  • Knowledgecenter Security Intelligence
  • SoSecure


The Post HBO Diploma Security Intelligence

Upon passing the written examination you receive the Diploma Security Intelligence. With this Diploma Security Intelligence the student is enabled to conduct a practical assignment, which provides a basis to prove that the student is capable of exercising the gained theoretical knowledge in practice.

Security Intelligence Course 

The Security Intelligence Course consists of 8 days of lectures, taking place mostly on Fridays from 9:30 hour to 16:30 hour. The Security Intelligence course starts on Friday the 12th of February 2021.


Target Audience

The Security Intelligence Course is useful to:

  • Policy officers that focus on security issues
  • Security Managers responsible for the security process
  • Security Advisers within government and business
  • Analysts and (business) intelligence professionals
  • Business Detectives
  • Security Employees
  • Police and Justice Employees
  • (Ministry of) Defence Employees
  • Risk and Security Advisers 

SoSecure's vision on intelligence and security 

To effectively accommodate intelligence and security in the current proactive vision it is of the highest importance that there is a strong connection between science and practical applicability. By cooperating closely with both universities and first adopters of the technique in practice new insights are gained into the applied and proven qualitative methods.

Our vision on security, intelligence and information-driven proactive decision-making was developed in and for the 21st century, and therefor reaches a new generation. It is highly important that these new insights are supported and further developed by 'new faces' from the worlds of both intelligence and security.

In this sentiment SoSecure and the Knowledgecenter Security Intelligence offer Practice Driven Science and Valorisation of Knowledge.

The well-known and accepted names in intelligence and security have done much and good work and their, often reactive, insights are used by us to develop new and proactive insights for the 21st century's challenges.



The course's instructors have been selected and collected carefully and have committed to our vision, we guarantee quality theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.

The lectures are conducted by instructors from backgrounds such as

  • Leiden University
  • University of Amsterdam
  • Intelligence services
  • Investigative services
  • Police academy
  • Knowledgecenter Security Intelligence
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Business


Security Intelligence Course Specifics

The Security Intelligence Course consists of 8 days of lectures, provided on Fridays from 9:30 to 16:30 starting on Friday the 12th of February 2021.

The Course dates for 2021 are:

Friday 12th of February 2021 

Friday 26th of February 2021

Friday 12th of March 2021

Friday 26th of Marchl 2021

Friday 9th of April 2021

Friday 23th of April 2021

Friday 14th of May 2021

Friday 21th of May 2021

Friday 28th of May 2021 (Examen)

Security Intelligence Course Schedule


Day I - Introduction to Security Intelligence


Day II - Planning and Direction


Day III - Collection


Day IV - Processing


Day V - Intelligence Analysis


Day VI - Analysis of Competing Hypotheses


Day VII - Production and Dissemination

Day VIII - Exam preparation and Mock Exam


Security Intelligence Education Options

Option 1: Open Application

Option 2: In-company training, allowing for the Protective Intelligence methods to be taught specifically for your company, sector or relevant threats.

In-company Security Intelligence Course

If you would like to organise the Security Intelligence Course in an in-house setting we urge you to contact us. We will gladly discuss options of giving in-house courses tailored to specific risk- and threat areas of your organisation.

Benefits of in-house training:

  • Fully tailored to your organisations risk- and threat areas
  • Conducted in your own working environment
  • Saves you time and money
  • Grants more space for open discussion of organisational vulnerabilieties


The Security Intelligence Course is offered to you for € 3.895,-

This includes study materials, lunches, coffee, tea, drinks, etc.

Costs of exam are € 249,-

You can apply for the Security Intelligence Course directly here.




mr. drs. W.J.M. (Willemijn) Aerdts

Willemijn Aerdts is owner of Bureau Aerdts, which conducts consultancy and advisory tasks in the field of policy and security. She has previously worked for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs as a researcher.

Specialised in: Methods and (Analysis) Techniques in Intelligence, Asymmetrical Threats. 

W.F. (Willem) Leeuwenkamp 

Willem Leeuwenkamp is a researcher and consultant at SoSecure International and affiliated with the Knowledgecenter Security Intelligence. Willem studied Political Science (Major in International Relations), Intelligence Studies and Crisis- and Security Management at the University of Amsterdam and at Leiden University. Before working at SoSecure Willem was a member of the Red Teaming Task Group at the Ad de Jonge Center for Intelligence and Security Studies.

Specialised in: Predictive Profiling, Security Intelligence, Analysis Techniques, Red Teaming, Radicalisation and Terrorism, and Big Data (for governments and non-profit organisations)



drs. C.W. (Constant) Hijzen MA

Constant Hijzen is a PhD candidate and associate professor at the History Institute of Leiden University. He is also affiliated with the Centre for Terrorism and Counterterrorism of the same University. Constant studied History and has previously worked for the Centre for Government Studies at Leiden University and the think-tank 'Nederland Kennisland'. At this moment Constant teaches intelligence and security studies, intelligence history, European history and theory building for the departments of History, Public Administration and Leiden University College at Leiden University.

Constant is a guest lecturer in the Security Intelligence Course. 

Specialised in: The history of Dutch Intelligence and Security Services, the interplay between the intelligence world and the political world and democratic control over these services in particular.





"John" is in military service for the Dutch Ministry of Defence. He followed a Minor's Degree in Intelligence Studies in 2013 at the Ad de Jonge Centre for Intelligence- and Security Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Het has experience as a researcher for the Amsterdam-Amstelland and National Police with regards to Red Teaming. At this moment he is a Senior Employee of the Royal Dutch Navy. He is a guest lecturer in the Security Intelligence Course.

Specialised in: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Intelligence Analysis and Red Teaming

Dr. G. G. (Giliam) de Valk

Giliam de Valk studied Law and Political Sciences at Leiden University's Faculty of Law. De Valk continued to achieve his doctorate degree at Groningen University on research into the quality of Dutch intelligence and security reports. He has since fulfilled a teaching post at the University of Amsterdam. Dr. de Valk is the co├Ârdinator of the Minor's programme for Intelligence Studies and is secretary for the Ad de Jonge Centre for Intelligence Studies. He teaches a number of subjects for this Minor's programme.
Dr. de Valk also fulfilled teaching posts at Utrecht University from 2006 to 2011 (History and International Affairs) and at the Royal Military Academy in Breda from 2010 to 2012 (Military Operational Sciences).
Dr. de Valk was also a member of the Commission for Archives at the Dutch Foreign Affairs Ministry. He is also a board member on the Netherlands Intelligence Studies Association (NISA).

L. (Leen) van der Plas RSE

Leen van der Plas is owner and director of SoSecure and the Knowledgecentre Security Intelligence. He studied at the Dutch Police Academy and has many years of experience in undercover, counterterrorism and intelligence work within the National Police. He lead a detective squad for serious organised crime on Aruba and implemented special detection techniques in the Kingdom's oversees territories. He was responsible for the merging of the National Detective Squad, the Technical Operational Support Service and the Special Detective Squad of the KLPD (now National Police). He led a criminal intelligence unit of a special detective service. He also studied for a Minor's Degree in Intelligence and Security Studies at the University of Amsterdam, where he is now a guest lecturer on Predictive Profiling and The Wire. He is interested in proactive security, red teaming and private intelligence and is developing the Knowledgecentre Security Intelligence for further study and implementation of these topics.

Specialised in: Predictive Profiling, Red Teaming and (Private) Security Intelligence 

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