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Certified Ethics & Compliance Officer CECO (English)



Expectations of society are rising and reputations of companies and people can be shattered in no-time. In order to prevent scandals, more and more legislation is launched, fines are getting higher and supervisors are getting stricter. Banks and external accountants are asking questions about your compliance program.

Ethics and Compliance Officers help you to protect your reputation. But how to set up an effective ethics & compliance program?

Are you up to date with current best practices in Ethics & Compliance?

Are you looking for recognition as an Ethics & Compliance Professional? Or do you simply want to increase your knowledge and expertise in this field? Take this course and become a Certified Ethics & Compliance Officer!

You will be taught by the top minds in the compliance industry.

Lessons are provided in small groups, so you get the right attention you need for the best learning efficiency.

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After completion of the Certified Ethics & Compliance Officer course, you will be able to set up an effective ethics & compliance program. The course has been designed from a European perspective, but the participants will also learn about good practices from the US and the UK and about the extraterritorial reach of US and UK legislation.


The CECO course is an internationally certified training for Ethics & Compliance officers. A theoretical exam will be conducted by an independent examination agency.

After you have passed the exam, you will be included in the Compliance register, part of the Financial Intelligence Register, for two years and you can place the title CECO after the family name. 

A system of permanent education (PE) has been set up for this course, so that the professional competence of the Certified Ethics & Compliance Officer can be permanently and demonstrably guaranteed.


  • Ethics & Compliance Officers who are relatively new to the role or want to make the next step in their career
  • In-house counsel who are requested to cover compliance as well
  • Ethics & Compliance Officers with several years of experience
  • Corporate lawyers who also have compliance responsibilities
  • Board secretaries
  • Non-executive directors
  • Internal auditors who will audit compliance programs
  • External auditors & accountants who need to form an opinion on the quality of a compliance program
  • Service providers to the ethics and compliance community.
  • Corporate secretaries and non-executive directors who want to know more about compliance.


  • Large corporates with new/junior people in a compliance role
  • Utilities (water, electricity, transport, network companies), companies with > 500/1.000 employees
  • Compliance software vendors
  • Integrity officers in the public sector
  • Companies outside of the financial services industry that are subject to anti-money laundering legislation, like car dealers, ship builders, casinos, accountants, law firms, notaries, real estate brokers, jewelers, art dealers, etc.
  • Security management firms.


CECO Compliance course

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The training program is based on the ten elements of an effective ethics & compliance programme, such as performing a risk assessment, policy writing, creating awareness and monitoring and reporting.  In addition, you will gain the necessary knowledge in the field of combating bribery, corruption, money laundering, terrorist financing and the prevention of conflicts of interest, forced labor and other supply chain risks.

Furthermore, the legislation in the field of trade restrictions, competition and data privacy (the GDPR) is discussed. Naturally, due attention is also paid to the latest developments in the field of ethics & compliance.

The course will be launched from The Netherlands, targeting a Dutch/European audience. This can be extended to a Middle East/African audience. We will use the English language.

Day 1 The Ethics & Compliance Program

First daypart

Teacher |  Mr. Drs. Geert Vermeulen

  • Introduction to the course
  • Short history of the compliance function
  • Models for ethics & compliance programs
  • The fraud triangle
  • ECMC 10 Elements of an effective Ethics and Compliance Program
  • The governance of compliance programs; 3 lines model

Second daypart

Teacher | Jelle van Baardewijk & Geert Vermeulen

  • Introduction into business ethics
  • Compliance Risk Assessment
  • Exercise
  • Compliance Action Plan
  • Monitoring and reporting

Day 2 The Ethics & Compliance Program | Financial Economic Crime day

First daypart

Teacher | Musa Elmas

  • Anti-Money Laundering (for non-financials)

Teacher | Sebastiaan Bennink/Yvo Amar

  • Sanctions
  • Export controls 

Second daypart

Teacher | Geert Vermeulen

  • Bribery and Corruption
  • Third Party Due Diligence
  • (perhaps) Intro to supply chain due diligence

Day 3 The Ethics & Compliance Program 

First daypart

Teacher | Joep Bakker

  • Data Privacy
  • include the EU AI Act

Second daypart

Teacher | Geert Vermeulen

  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Insider trading

 Teacher | Marit Boon-Striekwold & Geert Vermeulen

  • Culture & Behaviour
  • Exercise

Day 4 The Ethics & Compliance Program 

First daypart

Teacher |  Claudia Koken 

  • Competition law
  • Dawn Raids

Teacher | Geert Vermeulen

  • Values workshop
  • Giving Voice to Values methodology

 Second daypart

Teacher | Geert Vermeulen

  • Whistleblowing procedures / speaking up
  • EU Whistleblower Protection Directive
  • Coordinating Investigations

Day 5 The Ethics & Compliance Program | Elements of an effective ethics & compliance program

First daypart

Teacher | Nicole Rose

  • Policy writing
  • Training and Communication

 Teacher | Geert Vermeulen

  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Human rights risks and ESG
  • CSRD: non-financial reporting requirements for large companies
  • Ethics and AI
  • Miscellaneous


Second daypart

  • Exercise in setting up a compliance program.


CECO Compliance course 1

Are you interested in following the Certified Ethics & Compliance Officer (CECO) course?

Fill in the registration form and we will contact you shortly to inform you about the training.



The costs of the training are € 4995 excluding VAT. Accommodation arrangements are available on request for your stay during the training.

The classroom and the hotel are in the vicinity of Schiphol. If you wish, we will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel in the Utrecht area free of charge, just let us know.


We organize the training as an open registration. This means that if there are sufficient registrations, you will receive a message well in advance when the training will start.

The training lasts a week, the day times are from 09.30 am to 17.30 pm.  There is plenty of time for a break between classes.

This is an interactive training and we will ask you participate in the (group) assignments during the course.

Course dates in 2024 and 2025:

  • Monday 17 June till Friday 21 June 2024
  • Monday 2 December till Friday 6 December 2024
  • Monday 16 June till Friday 20 June 2025
  • Monday 1 December till Friday 5 December 2025


Hotel CECO

Are you interested in following the Certified Ethics & Compliance Officer (CECO) register training?

Fill in the registration form or mail to and we will contact you shortly to inform you about the training.


Mr. Drs. G.(Geert) Vermeulen

The mission of Geert Vermeulen is to help organizations conduct business in an ethical and compliant way. Geert is specialized in establishing and improving ethics and compliance programs in general and anti-corruption and whistleblowing programs in specific. In 2016 he founded ECMC: Ethics & Compliance Management & Consulting. ECMC provides compliance training, consulting services and interim ethics & compliance management. Previously he has been the Chief Compliance Officer of two multinational companies. Geert has provided compliance training in some 30 countries, on virtually all continents.

Geert regularly speaks and writes on ethics and compliance. He has been the President of the Dutch Compliance Officers Association, where he founded the expert group on Financial Economic Crime. He is a member of the expert group on Culture and Behavior of the association and a member of the Professional Advisory Committee of the Law Compliance Minor at The Hague University. When he was granted the National Compliance Award in 2020, he was labelled ‘the compliance guru’; the jury called him a figurehead and role model for the compliance community.

In 2020 Geert launched his new company called ‘The Integrity Coordinator’. This company is an independent, external coordinator of whistleblowing or speak up procedures.

Geert is the principal lecturer and co-organizer of  the Compliance CECO course. Geert will cover the topics governance, culture and behaviour, risk assessments, monitoring, speak-up procedures, investigations, anti-bribery & corruption, third party due diligence and ESG.

Mr. S. (Sebastiaan) Bennink

Sebastiaan is a specialist in the field of economic sanctions and export controls. Sebastiaan’s practice focuses on all aspects of international trade law and related issues, such as anti-moneylaundering and anti-terrorism financing legislation, anti-corruption regulations, and other compliance-related regulations.

Sebastiaan regularly advises and represents clients subject to investigation and enforcement proceedings. Sebastiaan, moreover, has vast experience in the setting up, the enhancement of and the keeping effective of corporate compliance programmes, especially in the fields of economic sanctions, export controls and anti-corruption, for companies active in and outside the Netherlands.

Sebastiaan publishes on a regular basis, provides numerous trainings and is a frequent speaks at national and international conferences on economic sanctions and export controls. Additionally, Sebastiaan is BNR Newsradio’s expert on sanctions and export controls and is often interviewed on the radio and on Dutch national television. Sebastiaan is also regularly quoted in the newspapers (FD and Trouw) on sanctions and export control related matters.

In the Compliance CECO course he will speak about sanctions and trade restrictions.

Mr. Y. (Yvo) Amar

Yvo is an expert in sanctions and export control. He advises and represents clients in all aspects of these areas of law, including enforcement processes, but also related administrative law, criminal law and private law. In addition, Yvo regularly advises on adjacent jurisdictions such as regulations to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing (Wwft), anti-corruption regulations (including the FCPA and the UK Bribery Act), fraud, financial supervision law and other compliance-related legislation.

Yvo is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences and regularly gives courses. In 2017, Yvo was voted the best young lawyer in the world in the field of sanction law and export control by the leading online magazine WorldECR. 

In the Compliance CECO course he will talk about sanctions and trade restriction.

Mr. Claudia Koken

I am a seasoned international business lawyer with a background in EU law and competition law. In the last 25 years I had the opportunity to learn, experience and develop myself. A great journey sofar. From working for a competition authority, and attorney at (global) law firms, to founding boutique law firms and working in-house at corporates on secondments in strategic projects. I believe my diverse work and management experience and broad set of legal and personal skills has made me a better lawyer. Over the years I have expanded my horizon and practice.

My practice and projects focus on:
Dutch and EC competition law 🔸EU law🔸investigations🔸corporate compliance 🔸anti-bribery | ethics & integrity 🔸merger control & FDI🔸consumer law

✔️Member of the Dutch Bar Association (NOvA) | The International Bar Association (IBA) | the American Bar Association (ABA, section Antitrust)
✔️Featured in Chambers Europe, Competition The Netherlands 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016
✔️Co-Founder/Board Member of W@CompetitionNL, part of Women AT

Mr. J. (Joep) Bakker

Joep is a IT privacy lawyer at The Data Lawyers. The Data Laywers is law firm which specialises in Privacy, AI and IT Law. Joep mainly advises clients in the field of privacy law. In this field, Joep advises national and international clients, varying from start-ups to multinationals in different sectors. He assists in the implementation of entire privacy compliance projects, provides ad hoc advice on privacy and AI related topics, regularly provides in-house training and awareness sessions and represents his clients in legal proceedings. Joep regularly works together with compliance officers in various projects and is therefore familiar with the day-to-day privacy tasks of compliance officers.

Joep provides (in-house) trainings for clients and (guest)lectures for educational institutions. He furthermore publishes articles in professional magazines and writes the occasional blogpost. Joep is also a member of the Netherlands Association for Young Privacy Lawyers (Jonge Privacy Advocaten Nederland; JPAN) and the Netherlands Association for Information technology and Law (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Informatietechnologie en Recht; NVvIR).

Joep will – amongst others – talk about privacy compliance and the GDPR, cookie requirements and employee monitoring in the CECO training.

Mr. M. (Musa) Elmas LLM CCP

Musa Elmas CCP works as an (interim) senior compliance officer/CDD expert, advisor and trainer and has worked at the Dutch Compliance Institute for more than 10 years. Since December 2019, he has been working as an independent entrepreneur under the company name Elmas Compliance & Due Diligence.

Over the years, Musa has developed into an all-round compliance professional, specializing in CDD (Customer Due Diligence). He has provided advisory services to dozens of different financial companies and has trained thousands of compliance and CDD professionals as a trainer. At the Dutch Compliance Institute, Musa was, among other things, responsible for the provision of services in the field of CDD. Musa was at the basis of the development, content and design of the National Anti-Money Laundering Congress and the Combating Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Course and many related leading national training courses.

He was also editor-in-chief of several editions of the Practical Guide to Combating Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing. In his daily compliance practice, he has carried out consultancy, secondment and interim work for many different financial companies, including setting up/running compliance departments and setting up/revising and implementing CDD control frameworks.

Musa regularly speaks, trains and publishes on Compliance and CDD. Upon request, he also regularly sheds light on CDD in the national media.

In the CECO compliance training, Musa will discuss the topic of Customer Due Diligence, in particular combating money laundering.

Marit Boon-Striekwold

Marit Boon-Striekwold, Bachelor in Communications, LVV recognized Confidential Advisor and Compliance Professional specialized in behavioural and cultural risks.

Marit Boon started at ING after studying Communication Management in Utrecht. During her career of 22 years at this bank, she has held various roles, the last 10 years within Compliance with a focus on behaviour and culture. Among other things, she was responsible for topics such as the code of conduct, whistleblower regulations, implementation of the bankers oath with disciplinary law and monitoring risk culture. She later rolled out a risk culture monitoring methodology and moral judgment approach within Global Compliance worldwide.

With this she gained experience with risk culture research in various countries and advised local management on improvement in this area. Thereafter, as Global Lead, Marit established and managed the Culture & Ethics team. In 2022, Marit made the choice to advise organizations on compliance culture as an independent consultant. She is also active as a trainer and lecturer on this topic.

In addition to the above, Marit is a certified external Confidential Advisor, active within the Professional Association of Compliance Officers (VCO) as Chair of the Knowledge Table on Behaviour & Culture, and is engaged as a voluntary confidential advisor for the Food Bank Netherlands.

Nicole Rose

My mission is to empower professionals to use their existing creative assets to rejuvenate ineffective training and produce effective transfer of their knowledge to others in a way that is engaging and meaningful.

What I do:

✐ I support in-house compliance and legal teams to produce and deliver engaging courses and workshops
✐ to encourage people to speak up, reduce breaches and demonstrate a positive culture of ethics, integrity and compliance
✐ I teach people to use my methodology to produce engaging training:

I do this by using creativity, psychology and 25 years experience in compliance.

✅ Over the past 25 years I have worked as a lawyer and compliance professional as in-house legal, Head of Risk and Compliance and special consultant roles for global insurance, energy, technology, retail, financial institutions and not for profits.

✅ I work with leading global organisations helping them to build and maintain a culture of compliance, with a particular emphasis on fighting financial crime and encouraging employees to speak up. These include Aon, Airbus, Deliveroo, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Oxfam, Rio Tinto, Rabobank, Rolls Royce, Trace International, Wesfarmers, and Uniting Church in Australia.

✅ Using my creativity and experience training running legal and compliance initiatives, I design and implement risk, compliance, ESG, governance and legal frameworks and lead transformational change projects to create a culture of compliance.

✅ Creator of The Frame Training Method ™ and co-host of the Eight Mindsets Podcast:

Mr. Dr. J. (Jelle) van Baardewijk

Jelle van Baardewijk is a lecturer and university lecturer in business and policy ethics. He is co-author with Ad Verbrugge and Govert Buijs of The Good Life and the Free Market, for which he received the Socrates Challenge Cup 2018.
He writes for magazines such as Business Ethics: environment and society.

Here you can download Moral Grip, a more accessible booklet on ethics by him.

Jelle is a member of the Ethos Center of the Vrije Universiteit for public philosophy and is also known from the YouTube channel De Nieuwe Wereld.

A collection by him will be published in June 2024, entitled Time for business ethics (see here).
He previously published what is the university on earth? (2014) And Education in times of digitalization (2017).

Would you like to read more;

Jelle wrote many accessible pieces about business ethics. Three opinions for illustration:

2024: about ASML and social responsibility in EW/Elsevier

2020: about international chain responsibility in FD

2018: about (women) quote for important positions in Profiles

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